Our studies are constantly evolving and opening up new lines of research. We explore the bioactive gluten molecule and its beneficial qualities, in the lab and in vivo. Our scientific publications tell the story of the Gluten Friendly™ molecule, through chemistry, microbiology and clinical investigation. We strive to disseminate our results in high impact scientific journals that offer open access, so that we may reach the widest audience.

Future Research
Clinical trials on healthy and non-celiac gluten sensitive

Assess the effects of a Gluten Friendly™ diet on healthy volunteers and subjects suffering from non-celiac gluten sensitivity

Future Research
Gluten Friendly™ and celiac disease

Assess the effects of a Gluten Friendly™ diet on the gut mucosa and symptoms of volunteers suffering from celiac disease

Future Research
Metagenomic analisis of celiac biological samples

Analyze the composition of the microbiota of celiac volunteers consuming Gluten Friendly™ foods over prolonged periods of time

Future Research
Digestion, fermentation on simulated gut with mucus

Digestibility and fermentability analysis of Gluten Friendly™ foods in a simulated gut, and peptidomic analysis

Future Research
Molecule modeling

Define the new molecular structure of gluten proteins after wheat kernels are exposed to the Gluten Friendly™ process