New Gluten World offers a non-exclusive commercial license for use of the Gluten Friendly™ patent and trademark. With incentives for millers big and small, we aim at accelerating the social impact of Gluten Friendly™ worldwide. Licensees will satisfy a market-standard royalty system based on net sales, to access the symbiotic and functional foods market, which is projected to grow to $440 billion by 2022. Our novel flour will be the protagonist in a new generation of functional foods such as Gluten Friendly™ bread, pasta, pizza, baked goods and beverages. It will also be a natural symbiotic ingredient that boosts live probiotics in milk, cheeses and ice creams.


Choose your projected volume of Gluten Friendly™ grains. Sign the non-exclusive license and join the Worldwide Gluten Friendly™ Network.


Make room to welcome our innovative Gluten Friendly™industrial oven. Apply the protocol, and begin production. Our process is low-cost and has a low-environmental impact.


Sell your novel flour to bakeries, bread makers and pasta companies. Gluten Friendly™ flour will be the prime ingredient in a new generation of wheat-based functional foods.


Watch your business grow, together with the global market. Consumers in the functional foods market, are projected to spend up to $440 billion by 2022.

Commercial Contacts

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